Marquesitas Yucatecas con Nutella y Queso.

This is a rolled-up crispy wafer tube about 20 cm in size, with a filling to your taste. Usually, it is stuffed with Gouda cheese along with a sweet stuffing — Nutella, banana, strawberries, Peanut butter, various jams, cajeta (a type of caramel sauce), chocolate sauce, condensed milk, etc. The taste of Marquesitas is unique for its perfect combination of sweet, salty, crunchy and soft ingredients all at the same time.

Marquesitas are street food in the busy corners the Yucatan, and one of the favorite local delicacies. And it is very interesting to observe the process of cooking Marcasites, very exciting. They are sold on the street and they are made on small carts, using a gas flame and a heavy press to heat up and make the waffles. The batter is poured from the jug into the press and flattened, first preparing one side of the gas fire, then the heavy press turns over and the second side is prepared for even cooking. Excess dough that goes out during cooking is cut with a knife at the edges of the press. Then the press opens and then comes with fillings of your choice. Our favorite Marquesita is Nutella with cheese and banana! First Nutella is spread with a knife, then it is sprinkled with Grated Gouda cheese from
above, the banana is cut into circles and placed in the middle. The wafer is then rolled into a straw, and one end is smeared on top with a little Nutella and sprinkled again with grated cheese. Simple and very tasty!

Marquesitas Yucatecas con Nutella y Queso. Recipe

By Olya Sandstrom Published: January 27, 2020

  • Yield: ~12pc

This is a rolled-up crispy wafer tube about 20 cm in size, with a filling to your taste. Usually, it is stuffed with Gouda cheese …



  1. Beat whites until fluffy foam, before reaching the meringue point. Add the sugar and continue beating until completely mixed. Melt the butter and stir with the flour then add it little by little to the mixture made with the egg whites. Add vanilla and milk. Stir until the mixture is a little less thick than of pancakes.
  2. Preheat the waffle cone iron, spray with cooking spray, pour 1-2 tbsp. of the batter (depending on the size of the waffle iron), and tightly seal and cook until golden.
  3. Open the waffle cone iron, spread Nutella and Shredded Gouda cheese quickly while the waffle cone dough is still on the iron. Move the waffle cone to a cutting board, and quickly and tightly roll into a tube shape.
  4. Top one side with a little Nutella and sprinkled with grated cheese.

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