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Pork Medallions

Simple and easy recipe for tender and juicy pork. Instead of mayonnaise, you can use sour cream. Another option is to mix mayonnaise with grainy mustard. Serve with orzo or other pasta, vegetables, mashed potatoes, or rice. (more…)...
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First Pork Shashlik this Spring

First Pork Shashlik this Spring! Typical question 'What is your marinade?'. It depends on what I have in the fridge or closet. Usually there is shredded onion (a lot) with the juice, lots of black pepper, spices such as coriander, clove, cumin, paprika, etc. At the end, I add some wine, tomato juice, pomegranate juice, or...
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Khinkali are Georgian dumplings, but also popular in Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Eating Khinkali is an art - using only your hands, hold the handle with the your fingers, then biting the pocket. You aren't supposed to use a knife or fork, since it will release all the broth. This is what differentiates it from Read more

Coca Cola baked ham

I had always thought to make Coca Cola baked ham for Easter or Christmas. I finally got a great peace of meat from the butcher and made this delicious, sweet, and little bit spicy baked ham. Next time I’ll try to add 'Christmasy' spices to it for the winter holidays version ...
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