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Tres leches

We made with my son Tres leches🍰 one of my favorite cakes! To this one I added peach jam to the batter and to the cream 🍑 the cake is soaked with rompope liquor and 3 different milk mixture: condensed milk, evaporated milk and whipping cream. Recipe is coming soon! Photos...
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Khinkali are Georgian dumplings, but also popular in Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Eating Khinkali is an art – using only your hands, hold the handle with the your fingers, then biting the pocket. You aren’t supposed to use a knife or fork, since it will release all the broth. This is what differentiates it from Read more

Sweet Rogaliki

Rogaliki usually are a sweet combination between a pastry and a cookie with or without filling. This dish occurs in many European countries, such as 'Rogalik' in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, 'Kipferl' in Austro-Germany, 'kifla' in Serbo-Croatian, 'rogal' in Polish, 'giffel' in Danish, 'rožok' in Slovak also, as well in Bulgarian, Hungarian, Swedish, Macedonian, Albanian,...
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