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Crapes tonight!

They are so good with cream cheese, condensed milk, Nutella, fruits, berries, honey 🍯
6 eggs ~3 tbsp sugar 3/4 cup flour 2 cup milk 1/2 cup vegetable oil Whisk eggs, sugar and flour first. While whisking constantly, pour the milk slowly in a thin stream, and do the same as well with...
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Vareniki / Pierogi with potatoes and mushrooms or cherries and blueberries

Vareniki ( varenyky, pierogi, perogies ) are stuffed dumplings from Ukraine made from unleavened dough and different fillings. Some of the more popular fillings are vegetables, boiled potatoes, salted cabbage, baked pumpkin, fruits and berries, meat, mushroom, cheese, poppy seed, or buckwheat. My favorite fillings are meat, potatoes with onions and mushrooms, cottage cheese or curd cheese with cherries....
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Chicken tapaka with garlic and herbs

Chicken tapaka with garlic and herbs 🌿 Georgian cuisine 🇬🇪 Also boiled/ fried potatoes 🥔 The chicken was so tender, juicy and delicious 🤤 Chicken tapaka is a traditionally fried chicken with no spices, just rubbed with salt and pepper for 20 minutes before cooking and fried in a butter. Put the chicken on a...
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Marquesitas Yucatecas con Nutella y Queso.

This is a rolled-up crispy wafer tube about 20 cm in size, with a filling to your taste. Usually, it is stuffed with Gouda cheese along with a sweet stuffing — Nutella, banana, strawberries, Peanut butter, various jams, cajeta (a type of caramel sauce), chocolate sauce, condensed milk, etc. The taste of Marquesitas is unique for its perfect combination of sweet, salty, crunchy and...
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Fantastic chefs dinner last night

What a fantastic chefs dinner with 7 courses and drinks ($35!!) Amazing night with friends and delicious dinner! Menu 1. Salmón tiradito with creamy black avocado and royal lemon. Pairing: White Spritz cocktail. 2. Vegetables simphony with caramelized green apple and gorgonzola. Pairing: Mountain horchata cocktail. 3. Inverted toasted shrimp black aguachile on jicama carpaccio. Pairing: Casa madero chardonnay. 4. Potatoe and pancetta cream with brie...
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