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A new recipe of baked zucchini chips and mackerel

Grilled chicken, chorizo, smoked mackerel, potatoes with rosemary, garlic and bacon, baked zucchini chips There is a photo of zucchini recipe and for the mackerel you can leave the fish for 8 (smoke after)-15 hr in the marinade and eat it after or smoke it. 2 mackerels, 1l of water, 3 tbsp salt, 1 1 /2tbsp sugar, 10 black peppercorns, 3...
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Last week I made Golubtsi, also known as stuffed cabbage rolls. Golubtsi - is a delicious comfort food popular in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine. Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Balkans, Central Asia, Egypt, North Africa, China, and Korea. Polish – Golabki, Ukrainian – Holubtsi, Romanian – Sarmale, Georgia – Tolma, Balkans – Sarma, Hungary...
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