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Profiterole/ Cream Puffs with Creamy Lemon Curd

A profiterole is a small French (less than 4 cm in diameter) pastry ball made of custard dough and can have various fillings (both sweet and savory): custard cream, cheese, mushrooms, meat, etc. Sweet profiteroles can be served as a dessert and profiteroles with meat, cheese or mushroom stuffing are perfect for soups. This time I made them with sweet...
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First Pork Shashlik this Spring

First Pork Shashlik this Spring! Typical question 'What is your marinade?'. It depends on what I have in the fridge or closet. Usually there is shredded onion (a lot) with the juice, lots of black pepper, spices such as coriander, clove, cumin, paprika, etc. At the end, I add some wine, tomato juice, pomegranate juice, or...
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Stuffed chicken legs with cheese, nuts and herbs

Stuffed chicken legs are very tasty and not difficult to cook. You can improvise with ingredients to your taste and what is available at the moment of cooking- you can add to the stuffing chicken livers, rice, nuts, dried fruits, beets, onions, mushrooms, carrots, cheese, etc. Meat from the chicken legs is better to chop with a knife, the...
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