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Cherry jam

Here are 2 recipes of sweet cherry jam, one cherry jam includes the cherry pits, another is pitted cherry jam. Both are so tasty and really easy to make. This time I bought lots of sweet black cherries from a farm, they are so big and delicious. We ate them a lot, some of them I put in the...
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Red Currant Jam

During red currant season, we eat the berries, make Kompot and punch, add them to the cakes with other berries and fruits and usually in the end I make red currant jam from leftovers. Here is an easy and simple recipe of sweet and sour jam, which is perfect in the...
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Today is kids helping to cook day!

Today is kids helping to cook day! First we made with Nicole cherry pies with chocolate mint, and they were so delicious! Then we did with her pasta with some vegetables from our garden and creamy mushroom toasts. And Nikita made poached eggs for the topping of the toasts. Our dinner was fancy and delicious. Love my kids and...
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