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Shrimp soup

A very tasty and flavorful Thai soup that is very simple and easy to make! The main thing to remember is to prepare the ingredients ahead of time before you start cooking. It is also best to fry vegetables and shrimp quickly over high heat. Adding coconut milk also gives the soup a unique taste. Read more

Crispy Thai Fish

Tender, crisp, fish, with a pleasant spicy taste. One of my husband's favorite recipes. The steelhead trout can be substituted with salmon. Be sure to use tarragon with this recipe, it gives the dish sweetness along with the spicy flavor and aroma of anise. Without it the sauce is quite different. Also it’s important to roll fish in corn...
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Тайские Рыбные Котлетки

Ну очень вкусно, а готовятся быстро и легко.Можно использовать талапию или любую другую плотную рыбу, нам очень нравятся котлетки из радужной форели (steel head) или речной (красной) форели. Темпуру можно заменить на рисовую муку (я обычно взбиваю рис в блендере или в кофемолке до пудры) и добавить чуть кукурузного крахмала. Подавать с соусом на свой вкус, это могут быть...
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Thai Fish Cakes

Delicious fish cakes that are quick and easy to cook. You can use tilapia or steelhead trout for this recipe. The rice flour can be replaced with normal flour and a little corn starch. Serve this dish with rice and the sauce of your choice, I recommend jalapeno jam, sweet chili sauce or oyster sauce.  ...
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