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Easter cake cruffins. Cruffin it’s something between a croissant and a muffin. Last time I made them with cinnamon and sugar, also with cocoa powder, the cinnamon with sugar was our favorite! This time I made plain, and they were really good too. Definitely recommend doing the dough with pasta machine, it helps a lot and...
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Garlic tomato toast with lemon Greek yogurt

Garlic tomato toast with lemon Greek yogurt Around 400g of cherry tomatoes fry with 4 garlic cloves in a medium skillet with olive oil over medium-high, about 3-5 min, smash some tomatoes with spoon or fork. Continue to cook until they have released some of their juices. Season with kosher salt. Toas the bread, 4pc. Mix 2/4 cup of Greek yogurt with...
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