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Best tempura for shrimp or other seafood, vegetables

Easy and best crispy tempura for seafood or vegetables. Use peeled shrimp (~500g), just leave the tail on. First toss the shrimp in cornstarch (1/3 cup). Whisk the egg with salt (to your taste, ~1tsp), 1 cup of ice-cold water in a medium bowl, add the 1 cup flour and whisk it again, until light and fluffy batter. Dip each...
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Summer for dinner

Summer for dinner 😆 got fresh salmon yesterday, made slightly salty salmon for bagels and sandwiches, salmon crudo with capers and red onion, smoked cedar salmon on the grill, potato salad Ruso ensalada, and tomato avocado salad with mozzarella and homemade pesto. Read more