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Fig jam

Fig jam, one of my favorite recipe! Only what you need: 600g of figs, 300g of sugar, lemon zest and juice 2 tbsp. Each fig cut on 2-4 pc. Add the in a pot with sugar, lemon juice and zest.  Boil it on a med. around 20-25 min. mixing it often. Blend it with hand mixer and move it...
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Tomato juice

Tomato juice, using the last tomatoes from the garden Tomato juice, around 8-10l, pour in the big pot, add salt, to your taste, around 1/4 cup or less, sugar 2/4 cup, bay leaves, black peppercorns, 1tsp, 6 garlic cloves, smashed. Boil for 15 min, pour to the clean jars. (more…)...
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Old fashioned dill pickles

I canned already dill pickles this summer, I used this recipe, but added an extra 1 tbsp salt for each jar. Also, I prefer to put the jars in a pot with hot water for 15 min. (without tightening the lids) instead of the oven, after, release the air, close the lids tightly and turn the...
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