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Plum jam, new recipe

Plum jam, new recipe Итак, как я готовлю варенье из половинок слив на зиму, шаг за шагом.  
  1. На рынке или в магазине выбираю сливы с легко отделяющейся косточкой. Вот прямо, ни на кого не обращая внимания, вынимаю ножичек, надрезаю пару рандомно выбранных слив и смотрю, как ведет себя косточка. Разумеется, даже если она плохо отделяется, я эти надрезанные сливаы (и...
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When your son is coming to visit you for the weekend, asks you to make homemade dinner and Ukrainian dish syrniki for dessert. Syrniki- fluffy pancakes, filled with soft, lightly sweetened cheese, tvorog, which I used, but you can make them with ricotta cheese. (more…)...
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Poppy seed buns

While I was working in the garden and planting seedlings, Nicole made delicious poppy seed buns. So lucky my kids can and love cooking! We changed a little bit her recipe, usually the filling is having more liquid, so try to cook longer on a low heat, add a little bit of flour or add les water....
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Easter cake cruffins. Cruffin it’s something between a croissant and a muffin. Last time I made them with cinnamon and sugar, also with cocoa powder, the cinnamon with sugar was our favorite! This time I made plain, and they were really good too. Definitely recommend doing the dough with pasta machine, it helps a lot and...
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