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Pirozhki with Cherries

Pirozhki are a Russian-Ukrainian dish of dough with filling that is baked or fried.  There are many recipes for making dough for pirozhki and a variety of toppings as well. It can be meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, jam, vegetable or fruit toppings. Savory pirozhki make great accompaniments to soups, borscht and stews, and sweet fillings...
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Gooseberry Jam

Sweet and sour jam with little bit of cherry flavor.  Gooseberry has a lot of natural pectin so you don't need to add more pectin to the jam. If you want to get a jam with almost whole berries, then pierce each berry with a needle before cooking. Don't add more water than specified in the recipe, gooseberry's are very...
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Blackcurrant Jam

Very healthy and fragrant jam that is sweet and sour. Like gooseberry, blackcurrant berries have enough pectin itself so you don't need to add more pectin. Jam can be stored for a year or more in a cool dark place. You can add the blackcurrant jam to tea, ice cream, pancakes or in different pastries. Read more

Tomato-Pepper Pasta Sauce

My husband made a great tomato sauce for ravioli but you can use this sauce for any pasta also. The sauce is simple to make, full of flavor and can be enjoyed for a few days in a row with all different kinds of meals. The tomato-pepper pasta sauce an excellent dish for a casual dinner at home or...
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