July 4th, Independence Day (United States)

Each year on July 4, Americans celebrate freedom and independence with barbecues, picnics, fireworks, parades, carnivals, fairs, family gatherings and political speeches.

What’s in season

Enjoy the flavors of the season all year long by making your own jams, syrup and preserves! Experiment with combinations of fruit, herbs and spices to create your own unique blends.


Try one of these tasty recipe ideas using berries.


Warm days were made for relaxing outdoors with fresh delicious summer food!

Grill time!

Warmer weather means it’s time for backyard burgers, tender kebabs, sizzling steaks, BBQ ribs, cold refreshing drinks and gatherings of family and friends.

Love my garden

I love gardening so much, it makes my world beautiful. I have a vegetable/herb garden, flower gardens, fruit trees and berries. When I am outside I feel happy, too bad we don’t have nice weather all year but when we do, we are gardening! 😉

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Snapshots from life

Between cooking and photography I actually have a life ))) Take a look at some photos and other things that I have been up to.


Steak with Enoki Mushrooms

Steaks can be cooked on the grill or just pan fried. The main thing is not overcook  anything or the meat will be dry and the mushrooms will be mushy. The  honey can be replaced by sugar. It's not necessary to wrap the mushroom in strip steak, you can just lay strips of steak on a plate, top with...
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Wonton Ravioli

This dish is very similar to Russian pelmeni. Just as with the pelmeni, it's better to mix the stuffing with two or three different kinds of meat, for example pork and beef or chicken, turkey. When they are ready they can be served with a sauce or...
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Taiwanese Chicken in a Clay Pot

This dish is similar to the recipe Three Cup Chicken, a classic Taiwanese dish. Usually this recipe the chicken is prepared in a clay pot, if you do not have a clay pot, you can prepare in a wok or in a frying pan. Thai basil gives this dish a nice touch and pleasant aroma. You can use a...
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Tepoztlan Mexico. Cooking Classes, 3

Tepoztlan is a very interesting and unique city in Mexico. Before we left we told some Mexicans we knew that we were going there and they hadn’t even heard of it. It’s tucked away in the mountains and maybe has 25,000 people, the nearest cities being Cuernavaca and Mexico City (which is about a 45...
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Toast with Egg, Avocado and Tomato

Great idea for a quick and tasty breakfast. It takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare. Eggs can be fried in a pan or you can poach them. The garlic toast goes perfectly with the tomato, avocado and egg. Another idea is to pair with a bowl of soup or salad for a tasty healthy lunch!...
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Kartofelniki is a Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian dish, stuffed baked potato patty. You can make them with different toppings such as meat, mushrooms,  vegetables and serve with different herbs, sauces or cream, however it is normally served with sour cream. Tasty fried ‘kartofelniki’ can be a side dish to meat, but they are good with different fillings and used as...
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Satsivi Chicken

Satsivi is a Georgian sauce which this dish is cooked in. Usually satsivi is cooked with chicken, but you can replace it with turkey, goose, duck, meat and even fish. The principal and mandatory ingredients in this sauce are walnuts, cilantro, garlic. Wine vinegar can be replaced by lemon juice or pomegranate. To thicken the sauce normally use flour or...
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