These popular Ossetian pies are baked with different fillings and often prepared on holidays. In Ossetia they traditionally serve three pies on a plate and only on days of mourning – an even number. These pies are a cult food in Ossetia and have ritual significance.

Kartofdzhyn- the pie stuffed with potato and cheese. Ossetian cheese can be replaced with similar cheese such as adygei, feta, queso fresco, or even mozzarella. If the cheese is a little bit dry, then add melted butter.

The perfect kartofdzhyn in Ossetia is a pie with a thin layer of dough and a lot of toppings.

Usually Ossetian pies kartofdzhyn are round and baked in the oven or on a dry, floured pan.

Putting herbs in the stuffing is not necessary, but I prefer kartofdzhyn with cilantro, adding just a little bit of garlic powder.

Here is the recipes: Ossetian Pies Kartofdzhyn



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