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Räkmacka, Swedish Shrimp Sandwich

Räkmacka is a popular Swedish open faced shrimp sandwich. I usually order it every time when we go to IKEA, it’s a light, fresh and very tasty sandwich. You can use any type of bread but usually this sandwich uses rye bread and makes it much tastier. Either way it’s best to use a hearty bread that can hold heavy shrimp, eggs...
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Salad with Ham and Cucumber

In summer, when you don't want to spend a lot of time in a kitchen, try to cook some tasty and light healthy salads. This is the perfect dish for a light dinner, picnic or for the summer party, easy and quick to prepare (just don't put to much mayo). Summer cooking is all about ease!...
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Tomato Cheese Salad

Easy and really tasty salad-appetizer for picnic or party. You can use any flavor chips you like, we prefer the cheese or onion flavor. Decorate with the chips just before serving or they will be soggy....
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