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Sweet Chocolate Kolbasa

A favorite recipe from my childhood, this name came from the shape and how it looks when cut into portions this dessert. Delicious sweet dessert that can be prepared in advance and kept in the freezer. Adding nuts isn't necessary if you're allergic to them (or don't like them). Great idea for Christmas! Read more

Pumpkin Buns

Light and airy buns made from pumpkins, a perfect dish for fall and also great idea for Thanksgiving! They are slightly sweet and quite easy to make from scratch, they'll look festive on your dinner table. The rolls are still good for the next day also so you can prepare in advance, just warm them up a little before...
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Pumpkin with Rice and Fruits

Tasty and beautiful dish, great idea for fall and Thanksgiving. You can add any fruit, including grapes, melons slices, currants, etc. Sugar can be replaced with honey and water with milk. Before serving, mix the rice with pumpkin, scraping it with a spoon from the walls of the pumpkin. If you  don't like rice with fruits, substitute meat instead,...
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Sweet and Sour Sliced Pickles

A quick and easy recipe for crunchy sweet and sour pickles with a little spice. I like this version because the pickles aren't so sweet and you can still taste the cucumber flavor. You can use small or large cucumbers. The marinade will not cover completely the cucumbers at first since the cucumbers will have more juice after they marinate...
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