Oladki, oladi, mini pancakes

Oladki is one of the oldest traditional Ukrainian dishes and a traditional breakfast food (in Russia -Oladi, Oladushki), can be either sweet or savory. They may also be appetizer, main course, or even dessert; another Slavic dish. There are two types of Slavic pancakes, blini (mlinci), which are very thin like crêpes and oladki (oladi), thick, puffy pancakes.

Oladki always bring me back to my childhood, my mom and grandma made them all the time when we were kids and now I make them for my kids, it’s one of their favorites!
I usually use for the batter some fruit yogurt, sour cream and whipping cream. You can also add dried fruits, finely chopped banana, mango, strawberry to the batter. My kids especially like them with grated apple or pear.

Oladki can be served plain but they are excellent with all kinds of toppings: jam, honey, syrup, sour cream, fresh fruit, condensed milk, whip cream.




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