Khachapuri, from scratch

This time I made Adjarian khachapuri from scratch. Usually I use premade frozen dough, and that works perfectly fine too. This time, however, I made the dough and it was really quick and easy.

For the dough I used: -2 1/2 cup of flour, -2.5-3 tsp yeast (mix it in 1 cup warm water with 1tsp sugar and leave for 5 min) -1 tsp salt, -1/2 cup warm milk, -3 tsp olive oil. Knead the dough, and put it in a warm place for ~60 min or more.

For the filling I used: -280g Queso fresco, -200g Feta cheese, -200g Mozzarella. Mix it with 2 eggs and 3 tbsp of milk.

For the technique how to make them, you can see on my pictures below. Bake them at 220C for around 15-20 min. You can edd the egg yolk at the end and bake for 3-5 more min and brush the Khachapuri with melted butter. Also add ~1 tbsp of butter to the cheese in the end.

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