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Paella de pescado y Mariscos con calamar

We found the paella kit for a great price at ‘city club’ with paella dish very good quality. Also our favorite place ‘Quesos Ixchel’ with organic, grass fed and chemical free meat and wild caught seafood delivered us chicken, shrimp, salmon. So today is Spanish paella with seafood and chicken.Read more

Fish Tacos

Very easy dish to make. For our fish, we used tilapia which has a firm flesh and is easy to find anywhere as well as inexpensive. Also you can add a little feta cheese. It’s important to keep the batter cold so use ice cold beer or club soda when making the batter. It will give you a crunchier...
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Baked Salmon

This salmon can be cooked on the grill in foil as well as in the oven in parchment paper. You can use a cedar board soaked in water for 4-8 hours instead of foil. Different herbs can be used depending on your taste, such as rosemary, marjoram, oregano, thyme, tarragon, sage, basil, or lemon grass. The sauce is aromatic...
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Smoked Salmon on a Gas Stove-Top

Our family loves fish and especially smoked salmon. In the summer we often smoke fish on our grill! However, now that it’s  winter and very cold outside, of course it doesn’t work (well it does but no one wants to watch the grill for hours when its 0 degrees outside) but we were really hungry for smoked salmon...
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Baked Carp with Herbs

I love fish! I grew up in Odessa which is on the Black Sea, so we always had all sorts of fresh seafood as well as from the rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, here in Minnesota where I live now, there aren't the same choices, especially in the store. Of course there are many lakes in Minnesota and we try as much as...
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