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Asparagus with Onion and Soy Sauce

Spring is asparagus season. This is one of the earliest vegetables which ripens in April and May. Asparagus is very unique since it make a great combination with almost any product from cheese, ham, fruit, berries, fish, meat, and salads. You can make soups, beverages and even desserts from asparagus. The main thing when preparing asparagus: cut thick stems...
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Sweet and Sour Sliced Pickles

A quick and easy recipe for crunchy sweet and sour pickles with a little spice. I like this version because the pickles aren't so sweet and you can still taste the cucumber flavor. You can use small or large cucumbers. The marinade will not cover completely the cucumbers at first since the cucumbers will have more juice after they marinate...
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Pickled Cabbage

One of my most popular recipes, this crispy sour-salty cabbage can be stored in the marinade in the refrigerator for a long time. Add as much hot pepper as you like. Great alternative to a salad for a party or picnic....
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