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Pork and Lamb Lula-kebab with Herbs

Lula-kebab is a popular dish of Azerbaijani cuisine and common in the Caucasus region, Central Asia and the Balkans. It's a ground meat formed into sausages and skewered. These can be cooked on a grill or in an oven. The most important thing in cooking Lula-kebab  is when kneading the ground meat onto the skewer. The more you knead the meat, the better it will hold onto...
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Crispy Thai Fish

Tender, crisp, fish, with a pleasant spicy taste. One of my husband's favorite recipes. The steelhead trout can be substituted with salmon. Be sure to use tarragon with this recipe, it gives the dish sweetness along with the spicy flavor and aroma of anise. Without it the sauce is quite different. Also it’s important to roll fish in corn...
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