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Stuffed Chile Rellenos

Chile rellenos is Mexican dish originating from the city of Puebla. The dish is made from fresh poblano peppers fire roasted then stuffed with meat or cheese, coated with eggs and fried in oil. Usually its served with a tomato salsa. I made chiles rellenos for the first time and definitely they are one of my favorite Mexican dishes! More photos   Read more

Spooky Meatballs

Great fun dish for a Halloween! My kids had so much fun decorating their own Spooky Meatballs. Meatballs turned out juicy, tender with a nice smoked flavor because of the bacon. In this recipe I used  Pecorino Romano cheese, but you can use any other  firm cheese. And instead of ground beef you can use chicken or turkey, depending...
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Greek Pasta Salad

Light refreshing and nourishing spring/summer salad, this  pasta salad can be a great dish for lunch on a hot day, or for a romantic dinner with the wine or bring it to a picnic in Summer! Cook the salad 5 hours before serving, or leave for overnight in a refrigerator so everything has a chance to soak up the flavors of...
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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Now when it's getting colder and windy outside, this soup is a great idea for your lunch or dinner. Even my kids like to eat this soup. I love how this chicken tortilla soup is both easy to make and satisfying. If you like spicy soup, add jalapeno to the vegetables. True comfort food! (more…)...
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Empanadas need no introduction - popular especially in Latin America and Europe, as well as southwest United States and southeast Asia. Empanadas like pirozhki are little pies with different fillings such as cheese, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, minced or chopped pork, beef or chicken, shrimp, zucchini blossom, fruits, etc., the fillings are endless but generally...
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Roast Beef

There are many recipes for roast beef.  You can use meat on the bone or without, the most important thing is that the meat can't be frozen. Also, the meat can be tightly rolled up (if you use meat not on bone) and tightly tie it with thread. The roast beef can be serve hot or cold and can...
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