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Fig jam

Fig jam, one of my favorite recipe! Only what you need: 600g of figs, 300g of sugar, lemon zest and juice 2 tbsp. Each fig cut on 2-4 pc. Add the in a pot with sugar, lemon juice and zest.  Boil it on a med. around 20-25 min. mixing it often. Blend it with hand mixer and move it...
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Lilac syrup

Lilac syrup, smells and taste amazing! 60-80 grams of flowers only, no sticks or leaves 350 grams sugar 350 ml of water juice of half lemon Boil the syrup, mixing the sugar with water, around 5-10 min on low heat. Add lemon juice and flowers and cook for 3-4 minutes then turn off and cool. Pour into small jar and hold in the fridge. ...
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Strawberry jam/ syrup

Have a 1:1 ratio of strawberries and sugar in a pot and leave it for a couple hours. Next, boil for 5 min, then cool it for 8-10 hours. Boil it again for another 5 min, covering it with a lid and let it cool again. The next day, after boiling for another 5 min, put the jam into...
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Gooseberry Jam

Sweet and sour jam with little bit of cherry flavor.  Gooseberry has a lot of natural pectin so you don't need to add more pectin to the jam. If you want to get a jam with almost whole berries, then pierce each berry with a needle before cooking. Don't add more water than specified in the recipe, gooseberry's are very...
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Blackcurrant Jam

Very healthy and fragrant jam that is sweet and sour. Like gooseberry, blackcurrant berries have enough pectin itself so you don't need to add more pectin. Jam can be stored for a year or more in a cool dark place. You can add the blackcurrant jam to tea, ice cream, pancakes or in different pastries. Read more

Kumquat Syrup with Herbs

Fragrant flavored sweet-sour syrup. This syrup is nice to add to different drinks, both alcoholic and non, sour taste of kumquat pleasantly cool especially in hot summer weather. You can add the syrup in your tea, spread it on bread, served with spicy meat or use it in a milkshake or served with ice cream....
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Jalapeno jam

Simple, fast, easy and delicious jam! The taste is sweet and just slightly spicy, it's a perfect relish to many holiday dishes, or serve it with cream cheese on a crackers or toast. It makes a very nice addition to a Christmas or holiday gift basket. Once the jam is ready, pour immediately into the jars while it’s hot because...
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Basil jam

The aroma and flavor the syrup and jam is delicious! It's not necessary to add water, you can just use juice from more lemons. Half of the syrup I poured in a jar to use like a syrup, and in the second half  I added pectin to make a jam. I used a lemon and a lime too, with...
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