Some tips for making blini (nalysnyky), crêpes and pancakes

For blini and pancakes it’s better to use a thicker pan made of cast iron or aluminum. A frying pan with non-stick coating is more suitable for crêpes.

When you are cooking blini and pancakes on a regular frying pan, be sure to add to the pan the butter or cooking oil before cooking each blini. But there is no need to add butter if the pan with non-stick coating.

The pan should be well heated before cooking also.

Blini can be made with milk, kefir, yeast, buttermilk or yogurt.

When adding club soda or beer to the batter, your blini will be light and delicate, just add it before the batter will go in the pan.

Add the eggs into the flour gradually so the batter won’t be lumpy.

Add the butter or 1-2 tbsp of cooking oil to the batter so they will not burn and it will improve the taste of blini as well. Likewise, you won’t need to add butter to the pan before cooking each one.

If it’s hard to flip blini and they break easily, it means there is not enough flour in the dough.

When the Blini are ready they are dry at the edges with bubbles in the center.

Try something new by topping your blini with vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, caviar, fruit, berry, hard-boiled eggs with green onions, fried mushrooms with onions, etc.

When you are cooking the blini or crepes with filling, bake them only on one side, then wrap the stuffing on roasted inside out – and then fry them just before serving.

Some sauces can be honey, berries, sour cream, maple syrup, jam, whipped cream, etc.

And don’t forget, the first blini out of the pan almost never works well 🙂



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