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Mulled wine (Glögg)

A hot drink based from wine. Traditionally consumed in Austria (Glühwein), Germany, Britain and the Scandinavian countries, on Christmas bazaars and festivities that are held outdoors. Don’t buy a very expensive wine for the drink, it’s not necessary, but don’t use too poor or cheap also. It’s important when heating not to bring the wine to a boil or...
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Spooky Meatballs

Great fun dish for a Halloween! My kids had so much fun decorating their own Spooky Meatballs. Meatballs turned out juicy, tender with a nice smoked flavor because of the bacon. In this recipe I used  Pecorino Romano cheese, but you can use any other  firm cheese. And instead of ground beef you can use chicken or turkey, depending...
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Wild Duck with Bacon and Vegetables

I usually fry the vegetables and duck breasts in lard or melted goose (or chicken) fat but you can use vegetable or olive oil. For the herbs I use a couple of sage leaves, a little thyme, Thai basil, tarragon and oregano. The finished duck was juicy, tender and had a light smoke flavor from the bacon. Read more

Stuffed Prunes with Nuts and Cream

One of my childhood faves - prunes stuffed with nuts and whipping cream, so tasty! You can use juice instead of wine if making for kids (or if you just prefer). This dessert can be served on one large plate or in small cups for each of your guest. Instead of whipping cream try with sour cream mixed with...
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Lamb with Olives ‘Agnello Alle Olive’

This is an Italian dish of the Abruzzo region. Very simple and easy recipe for an excellent tender stew with olives and fragrant thick sauce. The main ingredients of this dish: lamb, olives, lemon, flour and chili. I like to add a little red wine to the sauce. Beef broth can be substituted for chicken broth. Before...
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