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Risotto with Bacon and Peas

I love to cook risotto, every time with a different addition, like carrots, pumpkin, asparagus, mushrooms, etc. Very simple, but at the same time, lively, delicious rich and creamy dish. This time I made risotto with bacon and peas, a really great combination! The bacon can be replaced with pancetta. Be sure to serve with wine. Read more

Salad Olivie (Potato Salad)

In the former Soviet Union, this salad is considered traditional New Year dish, the name was in honor of creator of this salad, Belgian chef Lucien Olivier. Virtually no Russian table goes without this dish on New Year's Eve, birthdays and other celebrations. It's convenient, quick to prepare, and delicious. Some ingredients can be replaced by others,...
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Risotto with Peas and Parmesan

Easy and simple recipe for a tasty, tender and delicious risotto. Risotto is a common dish made of rice in northern Italy. You can add  to risotto different ingredients such as meat, chicken, seafood, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. Chicken broth can be replaced with vegetable broth or meat broth....
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