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Stuffed Prunes with Nuts and Cream

One of my childhood faves - prunes stuffed with nuts and whipping cream, so tasty! You can use juice instead of wine if making for kids (or if you just prefer). This dessert can be served on one large plate or in small cups for each of your guest. Instead of whipping cream try with sour cream mixed with...
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Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays with a great variety of traditions. It was one of my favorite holidays as a child with delicious food and sweet treats. Besides being tied to Christianity it also coincides to the coming of spring and many traditions and symbols actually come from old pagan traditions.One tradition everyone thinks of...
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Carrots Tzimmes with Raisins and Prunes

Tzimmes is a Jewish dish, sweet stew typically made from carrots and dried fruits. It's cooked slow at low heat, and even if it's simple dish, still considered is a great delicacy. Tzimmes has many variations, usually prepared mostly from carrots, but there are also versions using potatoes, beans, and even with the addition of meat. You can also add...
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Grill time!

After a long, cold and snowy winter I eagerly look forward to a warm and sunny spring ad especially, grilling. This year I started with one of my favorites - pork shish kebab or how we call it in Ukraine - shashlik. It was so delicious and already begin reminding me about summer! Today we decided to cook smoked steelhead trout...
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Steak with Enoki Mushrooms

Steaks can be cooked on the grill or just pan fried. The main thing is not overcook  anything or the meat will be dry and the mushrooms will be mushy. The  honey can be replaced by sugar. It's not necessary to wrap the mushroom in strip steak, you can just lay strips of steak on a plate, top with...
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Wonton Ravioli

This dish is very similar to Russian pelmeni. Just as with the pelmeni, it's better to mix the stuffing with two or three different kinds of meat, for example pork and beef or chicken, turkey. When they are ready they can be served with a sauce or...
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