Winter Cherry cake for Valentine’s

Winter Cherry cake Valentine’s Day version 🍒 💕

One of my favorite cakes from my childhood. It looks amazing and tastes delicious! I don’t make this cake often, but when I do, it always turn out amazing! For this cake, I usually use sour cherries, and they can be fresh, frozen or even canned. I have lots of sour cherries trees in my garden, so most of the cherries go into the freezer. I remove the pit from part of the cherries; it’s not so easy and takes some time, but then I can use these pitted cherries for some pies, cakes and other pastries later. Make sure to drain most of the juice from the cherries when you will make this cake. Also I found a really good alternative to using cherries: you can replace them with blueberries, or use blueberries and cherries together because the cherries give you some sourness to the sweet cake.

Also this time I changed the cream a little bit. So I made the cake in a smaller size: instead of 15 rolls, I made 10. I mixed the sour cream (250g) with the sugar  (1/2 cup) and vanilla, but it was a little bit runny, so I whipped the whipping cream separately (around 1 cup), then mixed it together with the sour cream mixture and soft butter (4 tbsp). The cream came out so tasty and perfect!

Btw, if you’ll have some leftovers from the dough, you can make cherry or blueberry (or mixed) rolls, and after baking dust them with some powdered sugar, like I did this time. They are just perfect with your cup of tea or coffee! 

Photos of Blueberry cherry rolls 🍒