Tips for Buying and Storing Pumpkin

Because they store well, pumpkins are available all through the fall and winter.

The peel of pumpkins should be smooth, firm, but not too hard, with no damage. If the skin is easily dented or is easy to pierce with a fingernail it’s considered unripe. The ripe pumpkin has a rich bright shade and the seeds are large. They can easily be separated from the flesh and taste good. However, if you bought unripe pumpkin, don’t worry because it’s easy to ripen at home during storage.

Usually you can store pumpkins at room temperature in a dark place for up to a month. It’s best to store in a cool place, such as refrigerator, cool cellar or garage on the shelf where they can last up to three or more months. Make sure that the pumpkins don’t touch each other, wrap them with a blanket, especially if gets colder outside, so that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. It’s important that the room temperature stays between 3 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Once cut, pumpkin pieces should be kept in an airtight container or wrapped tightly and refrigerated, that way they can stay fresh for about a week.