Instant Pot White Rice with Vegetables (my favorite recipe) and Ginger Soy Garlic Chicken

Made for dinner tonight Instant Pot White Rice with Vegetables and Ginger Soy Garlic Chicken. The rice I always make this way:

1 cup of rice, 1 cup chicken bouillon (or water with salt), butter, chopped carrots, onions, garlic. Also I have spices for the rice, love to use them all the time.  First in mode sauté:  melt the butter, fry vegetable 3-5 min, add washed rice, fry with vegetables another 2-3 min, stirring all the time, add spices, chicken bouillon, turn off mode sauté, cover the lead, do rice mode, done.

For the first time I made Instant Pot chicken Asian style, it was really good, I added garlic and I recommend to fry chicken first in a pan and after move to the IP.




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