Everyone’s Irish on March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated on March 17 in memory of St. Patrick in Ireland. Saint Patrick is one of the most venerated saints in the world. According to legend, Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the pagan island and drove out all the snakes. St. Patrick’s Day began as an extremely religious holiday but now it is more festive with live music, beer parties, dancing along with famous parades with bagpipes. It is more about celebrating Irish heritage now.  The official symbol of the holiday is a three leaf clover  which is symbol of Ireland and luck, and leprechauns which by legend are shoemakers holding hidden pot of gold and if someone  catches him, he will tell where his gold is hidden. St. Patrick’s Day is now celebrated world wide but is particularly popular in
the United States and even more particular in Boston and Chicago since many people in these cities have Irish heritage.

March 17 – a day when everyone can feel a little Irish!




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