Crispy pork crackle, also Yaki Udon (Japanese Stir-Fried Udon Noodles)

– Score the rind on a diagonal without piercing through to the meat – Place into an oven tray rind side up – Pat the rind dry with paper towels – Heavily salt the rind with quality salt flakes, then massage it into all the score marks – Place the salted pork belly in the top of the fridge uncovered overnight * This process helps draw the excess moisture from the rind. You can also pat dry a few times throughout this part and re-season for even better results.* – Remove the pork belly from the fridge and pat as dry as possible again with paper towels – Flip the pork belly over and deeply score the meat then season with you favorite pork flavors – Flip back over and place on to a wire roasting rack – Lightly brush with olive oil and add salt to the rind – Place in to a preheated fan forced oven at 200C for roughly 1 hour – Remove and place in the bench to rest for a minimum of 15 minutes – Slice, serve and enjoy ~Cheat Meats

For Yaki Udon I used this recipe, added some more ingredients.