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This is the Georgian national dish made from bread and cheese. There are a lot of variations of khachapuri – Imeretian, Adjarian, Abkhazian, Ossetian etc. They can be of different shapes also either round, puffed, or the classic which is in the form of a boat where the dough is formed into an open boat shape and topped with...
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Hychiny – thin pirozhki (pies) with potato and cheese or meat stuffed with herbs, the national dish of Karachay and Balkar. This is one of the most prestigious courses in the list of bakery foods Karachay-Balkar Kitchen. Usually hychiny  are round and sliced into 4 pieces. Toppings are distributed in a thin layer. There is a...
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Korean Carrot Salad

This dish is very popular in my country, it’s a must for any holiday. The funny thing is that in Korea this salad doesn’t exist, but it was made by Koreans who  immigrated to Russia in the 1860s. This is a marinated salad with fresh carrot as the main ingredient and seasoned with oil, vinegar, fresh garlic, coriander seeds, and...
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Harcho- traditional soup from Georgia (the country, not state). This soup is made from beef, rice, walnuts and sun-dried plum puree called ‘tkemali’ (cherry-plum). This soup is usually made with beef but you can cook with lamb too. You can also add bay leaves and different spices like coriander, basil, parsley, oregano, garlic powder, or red chili. Towards the end of cooking you add...
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Chapati – Indian flat unleavened bread made from wheat flour, delicious when is hot and similar to pita bread. Cooking chapati is very easy and quick, you just need flour, water and salt. Instead of water, you can use yoghurt or milk, it will give you a very soft bread.  The most important part is to cook the chapati...
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Pampushki are small buns which are traditionally served with borsch in Ukraine but you can serve with any other hot soup or Harcho. Usually they are cooked with garlic and baked in the oven. By the way, pampushki got their name in Odessa Ukraine, the city where I’m from. Here are some recipes: Read more


Galushki (haluška, galuska, găluşcă, virtinukai) traditional variety of thick, soft noodles or dumplings cooked in the Central and Eastern European cuisines (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary). Halushki (Ukrainian name) usually made with cottage cheese. The recipe is very simple, quick and easy to make, so they are also called ‘lazy vareniki’. Cottage cheese can...
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Chebureki are basically deep-fried stuffed patties. It’s a traditional dish of Turks, Mongolians and Crimean Tatars, and popular in the Russian Caucasus region along with Romania, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Usually the stuffing is meat such as lamb or beef mixed with pork, onions and various spices, but you can also use vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, or even fruits. There are many...
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