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Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce – a classic French based sauce made from eggs, a component of many French dishes. The flavor is rich and buttery, ideal for cooked vegetables. Better to cook the sauce in a water bath otherwise if the heat is too high that the yolk will cook and the sauce will turn into melted butter with slices of...
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Belyashi is the national dish of the Tatars, common in Slavic countries. Belyashi are round shaped, fried pirozhki with finely chopped meat, usually with a small hole on the top. Traditionally belyashi are made with lamb, but you can use beef, its more practical and the flavor is still...
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Tzimmes is a Jewish dish, sweet stew typically made from carrots and dried fruits. It’s cooked slow at low heat, and even if it’s simple dish, still considered is a great delicacy. Tzimmes has many variations, usually prepared mostly from carrots, but there are also versions using potatoes, beans, and even with the addition of meat. You can also add...
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Cajuzinho and Beijinho

Both types of sweets are prepared on the basis of condensed milk. Soft and very tasty candy and easy to prepare. ‘Beijinho’ translates roughly to ‘kiss’. To decorate this candy use coconut flakes, but it can be replaced by fine-grained sugar. ‘Cajuzinho’ translates to ‘little cashew’. Although the sweets are made from peanuts, they are decorated with cashew and...
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Satsivi is a Georgian sauce which this dish is cooked in. Usually satsivi is cooked with chicken, but you can replace it with turkey, goose, duck, meat and even fish. The principal and mandatory ingredients in this sauce are walnuts, cilantro, garlic. Wine vinegar can be replaced by lemon juice or pomegranate. To thicken the sauce normally use flour or...
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Olivie (Potato Salad)

In the former Soviet Union, this salad is considered traditional New Year dish, the name was in honor of creator of this salad, Belgian chef Lucien Olivier. Virtually no Russian table goes without this dish on New Year’s Eve, birthdays and other celebrations. It’s convenient, quick to prepare, and delicious. Some ingredients can be replaced by others,...
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Delicious meringue-based dessert with berries that’s especially popular in New Zealand and Australia. This cake was actually created in honor of the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. There are several versions of how and why this cake was created disputed between Australians and New Zealanders. According to one version, the dessert was created by a chef from Australia, for...
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Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en Nogada is a classic Mexican dish originating from Puebla. Stuffed poblano peppers with meat mixed with fruits and spices and topped with walnut sauce, pomegranate seeds and cilantro or parsley. The colors of the dish reflect the Mexican flag: green fresh poblano peppers, white-creamy walnut sauce and red pomegranate seeds. Here are some recipes: Read more


Rhubarb is a long, stalky plant that looks quite a bit like celery. In the spring, when there are no fruits and berries yet, fresh rhubarb is perfect for making tasty juices, sauces, and pies. Rhubarb is a perennial plant that spreads by rhizomes. The stalks are the tasty part while the leaves are toxic. The stalks can vary in...
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Focaccia – An Italian bread prepared from the same dough as pizza. Focaccia can be sweet or salty. The simplest is flavored with just olive oil or salt, but can also add herbs, cheeses, tomatoes, olives, onions, fruit, etc. In this recipe instead of milk, you can use warm boiled water and fresh yeast instead of dry-(7-10g). Here are some...
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