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Banana Bread with Pecans and Orange Zest

Hello! Its me, Nikita, with another great homemade recipe: Banana Bread. But while regular banana bread is great, it’s still missing something. Nuts go great with bananas, and who says we need just bananas? Thats why I added Pecans and Orange zest to this great classic. This follows the same recipe with any regular old banana bread recipe, except...
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Angel Hair Alfredo

Hello everyone! Its me, Nikita. Sorry I haven't posted in what is it... Oh, 5-6 months. Today it is getting cold here in Rochester, so I decided to make a very warm and hearty dish to be prepared during this cold winter; an angel hair Alfredo with tomatoes for a nice fresh taste, onions and garlic because they add a...
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I love Guacamole!

Hi, it's Nikita here and I'll tell you how I make one of favorite dishes, guacamole. This dish is so creamy but chunky, and very healthy. I like to serve this with chips, tacos, even hotdogs and burgers! The ingredients are simple: One Avocado, 1/2 of a medium tomato, one small seeded jalapeño, 1/2 of a medium onion, juice of 1/2...
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Zucchini Latkes

Hi! This is Nikita again with the recipe of zucchini latkes. This is a Jewish dish, served in Hanukkah, but you don't need to wait for the holidays to cook them. While there are many kinds of latkes like the original, my mom make Potato latkes, I thought it would be interesting to try this kind...
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Easy-Cheesy Quesadilla!

Hi! This is Nikita again. Today I made quesadillas! A quesadilla is basically a Mexican grilled cheese with queso which means 'cheese' in Spanish. The quesadillas I made needed one tomato, some Canadian bacon, and some green onion. The cheese I used was mozzarella. I first cut all my ingredients into small pieces ( with the mozzarella you can...
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