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Roast Beef

There are many recipes for roast beef.  You can use meat on the bone or without, the most important thing is that the meat can't be frozen. Also, the meat can be tightly rolled up (if you use meat not on bone) and tightly tie it with thread. The roast beef can be serve hot or cold and can...
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Langostini Sandwich

This is a take on the classic lobster roll. We had some leftover langostini and decided to try something different from what we usually make from them. It’s important to not use too much mayonnaise and if you cook the langostini first, let it cool before mixing or the mayonnaise will turn really runny....
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Russian Sandwich with Herring

Excellent Russian sandwich with herring. This appetizer looks great on the table (but they won't last long, especially for men with vodka:)) You can make a canape by putting the herring onto a small piece of bread (in the store they sell rye bread in the form of squares). Instead of herring, you can substitute salted trout...
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