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Chiles en Nogada

Sunday is Mexican Independence Day, and restaurants here will honor the occasion by serving up the traditional treat of Chiles en Nogada Chiles en Nogada is a classic Mexican dish originating from Puebla. Stuffed poblano peppers with meat mixed with fruits and spices and topped with walnut sauce, pomegranate seeds and cilantro or parsley. The colors of the dish reflect...
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Tsibriki (Tsybriki) is a national Belarussian cuisine dish. Its made from grated potatoes rolled in flour and sauteed in lard. Belarusian cuisine is famous for dishes from potato and Tsibriki is one of them. This dish is similar to Tater Tot or Potato Latkes (potato pancakes), the ingredients are almost the same, but the taste is different. Usually...
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