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Smoked Salmon on a Gas Stove-Top

Our family loves fish and especially smoked salmon. In the summer we often smoke fish on our grill! However, now that it’s  winter and very cold outside, of course it doesn’t work (well it does but no one wants to watch the grill for hours when its 0 degrees outside) but we were really hungry for smoked salmon...
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Baked Carp with Herbs

I love fish! I grew up in Odessa which is on the Black Sea, so we always had all sorts of fresh seafood as well as from the rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, here in Minnesota where I live now, there aren't the same choices, especially in the store. Of course there are many lakes in Minnesota and we try as much as...
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Battered Trout

For this dish I usually use steelhead trout but you can also use salmon. For me, I think, salmon gets a little drier than other fish. This dish is good to serve along with potatoes or other vegetables, salads. (more…)...
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Räkmacka, Swedish Shrimp Sandwich

Räkmacka is a popular Swedish open faced shrimp sandwich. I usually order it every time when we go to IKEA, it’s a light, fresh and very tasty sandwich. You can use any type of bread but usually this sandwich uses rye bread and makes it much tastier. Either way it’s best to use a hearty bread that can hold heavy shrimp, eggs...
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Tuna Salad with Cucumber and Corn

Here is my favorite and most basic recipe for tuna salad. It can be served in a bowl like a salad, spread on crackers or to make tuna salad sandwiches. The cucumber can be replaced with chopped celery or shallots. It's lunchtime comfort food, I think it's just about perfect. Read more


Fishcakes are a tasty and healthy dish. Its best to use fish with a dense fillet. In this recipe I used bass. Flour can be replaced with breadcrumbs. These cakes are perfect for any side dish like rice, potatoes or vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad....
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