June 16, Father’s Day

You’ll find everything you need to make a meal he’ll love in this grilling page


Warm days were made for relaxing outdoors with fresh delicious summer food!

What’s in season

Strawberries are easy to grow in the garden or even in a pot or container on your balcony, rooftop, patio, or even doorstep on a sunny spot

What’s in season

Rhubarb adds a distinct sweet, tart and tannic tone to pies and tarts, especially when combined with other fruits.

Grill time!

Warmer weather means it’s time for backyard burgers, tender kebabs, sizzling steaks, BBQ ribs, cold refreshing drinks and gatherings of family and friends.


Kartofdzhyn- the pie stuffed with potato and cheese. These popular Ossetian pies are baked with different fillings and often prepared on holidays. In Ossetia they traditionally serve three pies on a plate and only on days of mourning – an even number. These pies are a cult food in Ossetia and have ritual significance.

Spring is in the air! Celebrate warm weather with a casual-yet lovely- spring dinner!

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata are chicken breast cutlets coated in flour, fried and served with a sauce of butter, lemon juice, white wine or broth and capers. Simple ingredients, but the result are great, delicious, and tasty!

Slow cooker (crock pot)

Slow cooking allows flavors to steep and blend together. It circulates heat and liquid so food stays moist.

Love my garden

I love gardening so much, it makes my world beautiful. I have a vegetable/herb garden, flower gardens, fruit trees and berries. When I am outside I feel happy, too bad we don’t have nice weather all year but when we do, we are gardening! 😉

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Snapshots from life

Between cooking and photography I actually have a life ))) Take a look at some photos and other things that I have been up to.


Onions and Tomatoes Pie

Flavorful, hearty and very tasty pie. You can add  to the stuffing different herbs, mushrooms, bacon, slices of mozzarella cheese, etc. depending on your taste. Instead shallots you can use red onions, tomatoes substitute for cherry tomatoes....
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Kartofelniki with Meat in Mushroom Sauce

Kartofelniki is a Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian dish, stuffed baked potato patty. You can make them with different toppings such as meat, mushrooms,  vegetables and serve with different herbs, sauces or cream, however it is normally served with sour cream. Tasty fried 'kartofelniki' can be a side dish to meat, but they are good with different fillings and used as...
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Beef with Vegetables in a Wok

When stir frying meat it's important to have the maximum amount of heat and to cook quickly. Don't cook too much at once or it will cook unevenly and lower the temperature of the wok too much. Put the meat in the wok and let set, then begin stir frying after 30-60 seconds. It's best to prepare the ingredients...
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Pie with Vegetables and Bacon

This is a flavorful, tasty vegetable pie, made with mushrooms, pepper, carrot, shallots, tomato, bacon and cheese. In this pie, you can add any vegetables and herbs to your taste, such as cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, parsley, green onions. I used fresh shiitake mushrooms, but they can be replaced by any other mushrooms and mozzarella cheese can be switched with...
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Stuffed Chicken with Rice and Dried Fruits

Fragrant, tender chicken with delicious rice. Dried fruits and nuts give to the rice a nice sweet-sour taste. I also use lemon thyme which gives the rice a nice flavor and aroma. Take the apples out of the oven a little earlier than the chicken. You can put potatoes, carrots and other vegetables on baking sheet along with apples....

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Borscht, the traditional national Slavic dish in eastern and central Europe, like Blini, Pirozhki or Pelmeni. It is a thick vegetable soup with a deep red, burgundy color because of beets which is the main ingredient. Every nation has their own version of this dish,...
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Chakhokhbili-stew poultry, one of the most delicious and popular dishes of Georgian cuisine. Originally it was prepared from a pheasant, but now is made from any bird, usually chicken. It’s a very tasty, flavorful dish, that does not use water, oil, or fat since tomatoes and onions give this naturally to the dish. I like to add a little...
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Gravlax is a Scandinavian recipe for raw salted salmon. Great appetizer for the holidays, you can serve with vodka, dry white wine, or aquavit (a traditional Scandinavian spirit). Serve plain or on top of rye bread, crackers, or the most traditional way, knackebrod. Here is the recipe:   https://internationalmenu.com/?p=655...
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