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Mongolian Beef with Vegetables

If you like Chinees food, then you definitely will love Mongolian Beef! The meat is tender, juicy, and so flavorful with the sweet and savory sauce! If you can’t find flank steak, you can use New York strip steak. Make sure you don't overcook the beef, so quickly sear the  meat in the wok on high heat in batches...
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Shrimp soup

A very tasty and flavorful Thai soup that is very simple and easy to make! The main thing to remember is to prepare the ingredients ahead of time before you start cooking. It is also best to fry vegetables and shrimp quickly over high heat. Adding coconut milk also gives the soup a unique taste. Read more

Mongolian Beef

Mongolian Beef is not a Mongolian dish, it's a Chinese-American dish of thinly sliced beef, fried in a sweet spicy yet savory sauce. If you like even spicier food, you can add a couple of chili peppers. Serve with steamed rice, rice noodles or cellophane (noodles). Really easy recipe! (more…)...
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Edamame with Spices

I began to grow edamame a few years ago, they are easy to grow and perfect for freezing, very tasty and healthy. Last year I save some of them for seeds for this year, and the rest of them go into my freezer so I cooked them the whole year....
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Beef with Vegetables in a Wok

When stir frying meat it's important to have the maximum amount of heat and to cook quickly. Don't cook too much at once or it will cook unevenly and lower the temperature of the wok too much. Put the meat in the wok and let set, then begin stir frying after 30-60 seconds. It's best to prepare the ingredients...
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Squid with Vegetables in a Wok

Most important in this dish is to not overcook the vegetables and squid. Everything is cooked very quickly, vegetables should be crispy, and squid not tough. Better to prepare all ingredients at once before cooking, so you'll be not distracted while cooking. This dish is tasty, fresh and flavorful. You can add other vegetables as well, depending on your...
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Crispy Thai Fish

Tender, crisp, fish, with a pleasant spicy taste. One of my husband's favorite recipes. The steelhead trout can be substituted with salmon. Be sure to use tarragon with this recipe, it gives the dish sweetness along with the spicy flavor and aroma of anise. Without it the sauce is quite different. Also it’s important to roll fish in corn...
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