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Apple Charlotte

Delicious apple charlotte made from scratch. It’s a very easy and simple recipe for an apple charlotte that looks great and has the perfect balance between tart and sweet. I usually buy kefir in small grocery stores  but sometimes you can find it in the usual stores as well. If you can’t find kefir, it can always be replaced...
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‘Hychiny’ – Thin piroshki with potatoes and cheese

Hychiny - pies with potato and cheese or meat stuffed with herbs, the national dish of Karachay and Balkar. This is one of the most prestigious courses in the list of bakery foods Karachay-Balkar Kitchen. I cooked 'hychiny' with potatoes and cheese stuffing, adding some mushrooms and changed shape.  Usually hychiny  are round and sliced into 4 pieces. Toppings...
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