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Shrimp soup

A very tasty and flavorful Thai soup that is very simple and easy to make! The main thing to remember is to prepare the ingredients ahead of time before you start cooking. It is also best to fry vegetables and shrimp quickly over high heat. Adding coconut milk also gives the soup a unique taste. Read more

Paella with Chicken and Chorizo

Paella is a national of Spain, particularly in the Valencia area, made of rice, saffron, and additionally seafood, chicken, vegetables and sausages. Traditionally paella is served on Sundays or on March 19 which is St. Joseph Day. There are several versions of the origins of this dish, the first derives from the Latin word "patella" which translates to pan....
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Chicken Pho

Vietnamese Pho soup is a nourishing meat or chicken broth soup with rice noodles. Importantly this soup also contains herbs, chili pepper, and lime. Pho soup is a popular street food in Vietnam. In the South they eat the soup for breakfast and sometimes for lunch and the north of Vietnam consume it at any time of day. The soup...
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Wild Duck with Bacon and Vegetables

I usually fry the vegetables and duck breasts in lard or melted goose (or chicken) fat but you can use vegetable or olive oil. For the herbs I use a couple of sage leaves, a little thyme, Thai basil, tarragon and oregano. The finished duck was juicy, tender and had a light smoke flavor from the bacon. Read more

Creamy Garlic Capellini

Very simple and tasty recipe of rich and creamy garlic pasta with mushrooms. Easy homemade pasta that tastes like it came from a five star Italian restaurant! Add a grilled chicken breast and you'll have a full delicious dinner! Just don't forget the white wine ;)...
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