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Asparagus with Onion and Soy Sauce

Spring is asparagus season. This is one of the earliest vegetables which ripens in April and May. Asparagus is very unique since it make a great combination with almost any product from cheese, ham, fruit, berries, fish, meat, and salads. You can make soups, beverages and even desserts from asparagus. The main thing when preparing asparagus: cut thick stems...
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Peking Duck

Peking duck is one of the most famous of Chinese dishes. The duck is rubbed with honey and baked in a special oven, usually served with steamed pancakes (or 'mandarin' pancakes), spring onions, cucumber sticks and sweet bean sauce (Tianmianjiang which can be replaced by Hoisin sauce). There are many recipes for Peking duck, some are easy and some...
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Zucchini pancakes

Crispy pancakes with a nice soft center. They taste like the zucchini version of 'deruny', Ukrainian potato pancakes. It's better to use older squash or zucchini, they have less liquid so the dough is thicker and much richer flavor. You can add fresh garlic instead of garlic powder, the flavor is a little stronger. The herbs you can change depending...
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Baked Eggplant with Tomatoes and Garlic

A similar dish is very popular from my hometown of Odessa, Ukraine called 'eggplant caviar'. I changed the recipe a bit, usually eggplant is baked over an open fire, I instead baked eggplant in the oven with tomatoes and garlic and added the walnuts to the recipe. Perfect appetizer for dishes with meat or fish, or you can serve simply with a toast....
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Wild Duck with Bacon and Vegetables

I usually fry the vegetables and duck breasts in lard or melted goose (or chicken) fat but you can use vegetable or olive oil. For the herbs I use a couple of sage leaves, a little thyme, Thai basil, tarragon and oregano. The finished duck was juicy, tender and had a light smoke flavor from the bacon. Read more
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