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Vareniki (varenyky, pirogi) are stuffed dumplings from Ukraine made from unleavened dough and different fillings. Some of the more popular fillings are vegetables, boiled potatoes, salted cabbage, baked pumpkin, fruits and berries, meat, mushroom, cheese, poppy seed or buckwheat. My favorite fillings are meat, potatoes with onions and mushrooms, cottage cheese or curd cheese and cherries. Vareniki with berry...
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Khinkali are Georgian dumplings, but also popular in Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Eating Khinkali is an art - using only your hands, hold the handle with the your fingers, then biting the pocket. You aren't supposed to use a knife or fork, since it will release all the broth. This is what differentiates it from Read more

Ravioli with Spinach and Egg

Not  difficult, but tasty and original. You can experiment with different fillings, from cheese, mushrooms, vegetables or even sweet fruit and berries. In this version I used creamed cheese. Try to roll out the dough very thinly to give it a lighter taste....
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Fried and Steamed Dumplings

There are many ways to cook dumplings, by steaming, boiling, frying or even combining these techniques. One way I like doing it best is to fry them a little to make them crisp and then quickly steaming them to cook the filling and make them tender (or steam first and then fry). You can prepare dumplings in...
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Like borscht, blini or pirozhki, pelmeni is a classic Slavic dish. They are usually prepared from beef, pork, lamb or any other kind of meat and even sometimes fish or mushrooms. Usually the family gathers at one large table and makes them together by hand. Some eaten then...
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Galushki (haluška, galuska, găluşcă, virtinukai) traditional variety of thick, soft noodles or dumplings cooked in the Central and Eastern European cuisines (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary). Halushki (Ukrainian name) usually made with cottage cheese. The recipe is very simple, quick and easy to make, so they are also called ‘lazy vareniki’. Cottage cheese can...
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Halushki, Lazy Vareniki (Gnocchi)

These delicate cottage cheese dumplings are from my childhood, my mother and grandmother cooked them often. The recipe is very simple, quick and easy to make, so they are also called 'lazy vareniki'. Cottage cheese can be substituted with ricotta cheese. Halushki, Lazy Vareniki can be served with butter, sour cream, honey, jam or puree of fresh fruit...
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