Super Bowl

Bring sports bar favorites to your home, just add friends and your favorite game and let the fun begin!

What’s in season

Pomegranates have been enjoyed for thousands of years and are a symbol of hope and abundance in many cultures.

Peking Duck

Peking duck is one of the most famous of Chinese dishes. The duck is rubbed with honey and baked in a special oven, usually served with steamed pancakes (or ‘mandarin’ pancakes), spring onions, cucumber sticks and sweet bean sauce (Tianmianjiang which can be replaced by Hoisin sauce). There are many recipes for Peking duck, some are easy and some are not, which can make it intimidating to prepare.

Need to escape the chill of winter? Warm up your days with these tasty winter dishes!

What’s in season

Try one of these tasty recipe ideas using oranges.


If there’s one fruit you should always have on hand, it’s lemons. From their zest to their juice, they enhance so many recipes and make everything a little brighter!


Whether it’s a special occasion, or just the weekend, one of these breakfast ideas will be the best part of waking up!

Slow cooker (crock pot)

Slow cooking allows flavors to steep and blend together. It circulates heat and liquid so food stays moist.

Love my garden

I love gardening so much, it makes my world beautiful. I have a vegetable/herb garden, flower gardens, fruit trees and berries. When I am outside I feel happy, too bad we don’t have nice weather all year but when we do, we are gardening! 😉 Follow me on my page on YOU-app with Jamie Oliver! InternationalMenu, Olya S


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Snapshots from life

Between cooking and photography I actually have a life ))) Take a look at some photos and other things that I have been up to.


Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped in Bacon

A tasty Japanese appetizer fused with bacon. Enoki is a small pale yellow, almost white Japanese mushrooms with very long and thin stems and tiny  caps.  Enoki are very delicate, have fresh taste, which does not interrupt the taste of other ingredients. In raw form, they are perfect in salads. Enoki mushrooms are often added to soups or fried...
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Toast with Grilled Avocado

The first time I tried this appetizer was at a local winery when we went with our friends for a  special chef's dinner. I immediately fell in love with it! It's quick and easy appetizer to prepare and so delicious! Our friend Chuck brought the same appetizer to our party a few days later and after that I decided...
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Strawberry season begins in late May-June and between the beginning of flowering and the fruit ripening runs from 20 to 26 days. Most strawberries spread by runners or bare-root. The plants that you set out are called the mother plants. They send out runners that root and develop daughter plants in mid- to late summer. Space the daughter plants evenly...
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Grilled Lamb with Rosemary

Lamb  is my favorite meat for grilling. The secret with grilling the perfect lamb kebab is to get it done quickly. This will hold in moisture and make the meat tender. Also for the most tender results, use meat cut from the top round of the leg of lamb, or trim around the connective tissue of a butterflied leg to...
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Bruschetta - classic Italian quick and easy snack-antipasto, which is a slice of dried good bread -  like ciabatta - toasted until light brown and crispy on a grill and  very high-quality olive oil with garlic. And then it all depends on your imagination because there are so many topping for a bruschetta. The most common recipe is with...
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Chicken Kebabs on the Grill

Easy and simple recipe for chicken kebabs with soy sauce and honey. These kebabs you can cook outside on the grill or in your kitchen. Lime juice can  be substituted for lemon. If you like spicy meat, you can add chili powder or finely chopped chili pepper to the marinade. Chicken kebabs are well served with vegetables, salad, rice...
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Asparagus-tomatoes Tart with Cheese

Puff pastry is one of my favorite ingredients to use. You can always come up with something original to cook, whether it's a dessert or something savory with cheese, vegetables or meat. From simple ingredients you'll have something very tasty, original and satisfying. This appetizer with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and cottage cheese my 12 year old son absolutely LOVED and...
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