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This deep fried crispy waffle tube-shaped shell, with sweet cream cheese and chocolate inside is a traditional Sicilian dessert and very popular in Italian-American cuisine.  Usually containing ricotta cheese, but you can add mascarpone cheese or whipped cottage cheese to it as well. I thought about making cannoli for a long time and finely it happened! I ordered stainless steel cannoli forms...
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Easter Cake (Kulich)

Kulich is a Easter bread-like cake that is traditional in the Orthodox Christian faith. Kulich is shaped like a cylinder, often prepared with raisins and decorated with powdered sugar or glaze on top. Spices like vanilla, cardamom, and nutmeg are often added. Traditionally after the Easter service, Kulich, Paskha (cottage cheese cake) and colored eggs are blessed by the priest. This...
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January 26 is the official national day in Australia called appropriately - Australia Day. So I decided to cook a delicious meringue-based dessert with berries that's especially popular in New Zealand and Australia. This cake was actually created in honor of the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. There are several versions of how and why this cake was created...
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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day or as sometimes called simply March 8th - is celebrated world wide. It began as a Socialist political event to celebrate and recognize women's economic, political and social achievements but today has blended into a mix of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day combined, losing it's political flavor entirely. In every country it's celebrated differently. In Russia and...
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Cottage Cheese Donuts with Condensed Milk

Absolutely delicious sweet donuts as well easy and quick to make. Better to eat them right away when fresh. Also it takes less time to make these donuts. Beat the dough for donuts in a food processor or blender. When cooking over medium heat, the oil shouldn't be too hot or the donuts will burn and not cook through....
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Taratushki was one of our favorite childhood treats. It is a popular dish among Slavic families. It's hard to describe, something like a semi sweet donut. They deep fried which makes them a little crispy outside but soft and tender. Depending on how sweet you make them, the toppings will differ. With this recipe which will give you semi sweet...
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