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Stuffed Bell Pepper Jack-o-Lanterns

A fun take on stuffed bell peppers for Halloween. Try to vary the filling, adding some vegetables to the meat like grated carrots, zucchini or different herbs to your taste. If you like spicy food, then add some chopped jalapeno. You can serve  these peppers with tomato sauce, mixing it with sour cream, salt and pepper. Very tasty peppers...
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Pampushki with Garlic

Pampushki are small buns which are traditionally served with borsch in Ukraine but you can serve with any other hot soup or Harcho. Usually they are cooked with garlic and baked in the oven. By the way, pampushki got their name in Odessa Ukraine, the city where I'm from. You can use any...
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Zucchini chips

This recipe is from my childhood its so easy to prepare and very tasty! Its always popular at picnics and parties. Usually in Ukraine we add to the zucchini fresh garlic so that will make the dish sharper and a little spicy. You can use any fresh herbs depending on your preference like cilantro, dill, parsley, chives, thyme, etc....
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Baked Salmon

This salmon can be cooked on the grill in foil as well as in the oven in parchment paper. You can use a cedar board soaked in water for 4-8 hours instead of foil. Different herbs can be used depending on your taste, such as rosemary, marjoram, oregano, thyme, tarragon, sage, basil, or lemon grass. The sauce is aromatic...
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Olive Oil with Herbs

For this recipe you should use only dried herbs, garlic, and hot peppers. Oil can be flavored in two ways: putting the dried ingredients directly into the oil (chili, herbs, zest) or pre-soak in vinegar to marinate and then put everything in the oil. If you use non dried herbs, they will spoil and the oil will turn bad....
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Ossetian Pies Kartofdzhyn

These popular Ossetian pies are baked with different fillings and often prepared on holidays. In Ossetia they traditionally serve three pies on a plate and only on days of mourning - an even number. These pies are a cult food in Ossetia and have ritual significance. Kartofdzhyn- the pie stuffed with potato and cheese. Ossetian cheese can be replaced with similar cheese such...
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Wild Duck with Bacon and Vegetables

I usually fry the vegetables and duck breasts in lard or melted goose (or chicken) fat but you can use vegetable or olive oil. For the herbs I use a couple of sage leaves, a little thyme, Thai basil, tarragon and oregano. The finished duck was juicy, tender and had a light smoke flavor from the bacon. Read more

Sweet and Spicy Eggplant

It's better to use small or medium eggplants for this recipe since they will have less seeds. Use any herbs to your taste, I like cilantro, basil, tarragon, along with a little bit of dill and parsley. Serve hot or cold, I liked them hot more. The flavor is wonderful!...
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