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Spicy Chicken Wings

These wings are a great idea for Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, a summer picnic or any party you'll make. Serve with sour cream sauce. I usually use Crema Mexicana and add lime juice and zest, finely chopped cilantro and green onions, salt and pepper. This sauce will help reduce the heat from spicy wings. And, of course, beer :) (more…)...
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Chicken Pho

Vietnamese Pho soup is a nourishing meat or chicken broth soup with rice noodles. Importantly this soup also contains herbs, chili pepper, and lime. Pho soup is a popular street food in Vietnam. In the South they eat the soup for breakfast and sometimes for lunch and the north of Vietnam consume it at any time of day. The soup...
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Deep fried marinated chicken

Try another awesome 'Super Bowl Sunday' or any other party recipe! Very easy recipe for a big group, you can marinate the whole chicken or just the chicken wings, legs in the morning and prepare the evening before the party. Chicken wings in my opinion is easier and also tastes better. Serve with rice and beer, as well as Thai...
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