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Asparagus with Onion and Soy Sauce

Spring is asparagus season. This is one of the earliest vegetables which ripens in April and May. Asparagus is very unique since it make a great combination with almost any product from cheese, ham, fruit, berries, fish, meat, and salads. You can make soups, beverages and even desserts from asparagus. The main thing when preparing asparagus: cut thick stems...
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Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce - a classic French based sauce made from eggs, a component of many French dishes. The flavor is rich and buttery, ideal for cooked vegetables. Better to cook the sauce in a water bath otherwise if the heat is too high that the yolk will cook and the sauce will turn into melted butter with slices of egg....
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Asparagus and Shiitake Risotto

Creamy, tender risotto with crispy asparagus and mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms can be replaced white mushrooms if you like. Do not use highly concentrated broth, rice absorbs a lot of liquid and additional flavors. Add the broth gradually until it evaporates the previous portion. The finished risotto can be decorated with lemon zest, chives, thyme or parsley leaves. Use vegetable,...
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Asparagus-tomatoes Tart with Cheese

Puff pastry is one of my favorite ingredients to use. You can always come up with something original to cook, whether it's a dessert or something savory with cheese, vegetables or meat. From simple ingredients you'll have something very tasty, original and satisfying. This appetizer with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and cottage cheese my 12 year old son absolutely LOVED and...
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