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Strawberry jam/ syrup

Have a 1:1 ratio of strawberries and sugar in a pot and leave it for a couple hours. Next, boil for 5 min, then cool it for 8-10 hours. Boil it again for another 5 min, covering it with a lid and let it cool again. The next day, after boiling for another 5 min, put the jam into...
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Grape jam 

After picking grapes at the winery, we got to keep a couple buckets of red grapes; some of them went for wine, and some for a sweet &sour tasty jam. I think it was the last jam I will make this year. Now my kitchen cabinets are full of some delicious sweets! (more…)...
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Satsebeli Sauce (Pamidvris Satsebeli)

Satsebeli (Satsibeli) is a Georgian sauce, which literally means "sauce", and is made from pureed tart fruit or fruit juices. There are many recipes of Georgian sauce satsebeli and each of them has its own characteristics and ingredients. This Georgian sauce can be from tkemali ( unripe mirabelles or very sour plums), tomatoes, unripe grapes, cherries, pomegranate juice and walnuts. This...
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Sweet and Sour Sliced Pickles

A quick and easy recipe for crunchy sweet and sour pickles with a little spice. I like this version because the pickles aren't so sweet and you can still taste the cucumber flavor. You can use small or large cucumbers. The marinade will not cover completely the cucumbers at first since the cucumbers will have more juice after they marinate...
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