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Tepoztlan Mexico. Cooking Classes, 5

I'll be an a short vacation break and until I come back relish these beautiful pictures from our last cooking trip in Tepoztlan: Being surrounded by mountains its inevitable to decide ‘to go or not to go’ up the mountain. At the top of one of the mountains in Tepoztlan is an ancient Indian pyramid, called...
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Tepoztlan Mexico. Cooking Classes, 3

Tepoztlan is a very interesting and unique city in Mexico. Before we left we told some Mexicans we knew that we were going there and they hadn’t even heard of it. It’s tucked away in the mountains and maybe has 25,000 people, the nearest cities being Cuernavaca and Mexico City (which is about a 45...
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Russian Blini with pear filling topped with caramel syrup and peaches with whipped honey cream. These looks good enough for dinner to me! ;)  I'll share the recipes soon! (more…)...
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